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Fish Tank: A Brief Review

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I have already seen a film that is sure to be on my top 10 of 2010 – Fish Tank. I urge everyone to go see it. If it’s not playing near you, which unfortunately might be the case, I believe you can purchase it on IFC on demand.

After reading a few reviews and then seeing the trailer I knew I had to check this out. The film is about a young girl named Mia played by Katie Jarvis in a stunning debut. Mia (15) lives in London housing projects, has a terrible relationship with her party girl mother and is outwardly hostile to everyone she meets. She starts to let that shield of hostility down when her mom starts dating Connor (Michael Fassbender) a man who Mia beings a complicated relationship with.

This film takes many turns in all the characters relationships but even the ones that you see coming never play out the way you expect them. Michael Fassbender, who was brilliant in Inglorious Basterds, has a very complex role to play here. He successfully walks the line between charmer and creep – neither of which can fully define him. The film plays out like a much darker version of An Education but a lighter version of Precious. I think it’s better than either and I think Jarvis gives as powerful a performance as Sidibe or Mulligan did in those fine films. There is a scene between Fassbender and Jarvis, in which the tension between them finally boils over, that is one of the most real and beautifully shots sequences in my recent memory.

I will say no more other than to again urge you to seek out Fish Tank. If you do, I would love to hear your thoughts.



The Best MAN For The Job

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 Every year my roommate Jarrod and I watch The State of the Union together and this year was no different. What was different was Jarrod’s reaction. He couldn’t take the rhetoric. I mean none of us can ever take the rhetoric but after years and years of Bush, then what felt like the looongest election in the history of mankind, now a year of battle after battle over healthcare and jobs – Jarrod’s head exploded. I saw it happen. It’s a miracle mine didn’t as well. Jarrod has had it up to here with The State of the Union –“Of course we need more funding for education! What else would he say?” I don’t blame him. Hearing the same thing day after day with being no step closer to actual change is frustrating.

It was good speech and President Obama is a great speaker. I guess The State of the Union is about the President telling the people what he wants to do but what congress inevitably won’t let him. I’m always stunned by what people applaud for and what they don’t. I can’t believe it every time I see the Republicans not applaud anything having to do with helping the environment – as if saving our dying planet is a bad idea. I like that Obama got in the Republican’s faces about healthcare and even blamed some Democrats who actually might be more responsible in many ways for the lack of progress. He was firm and reassuring but guess what – it doesn’t fucking matter. We are screwed.

Jarrod, the great Zack Fox and I after the speech went around giving Obama’s first year in office a grade (the way only amateurs can do). Jarrod gave him a C+ and I believe Fox did as well. I gave him a B- but that might be generous. When Obama was elected I begged friends to not get discouraged. He inherited a mess and things would be bad for awhile. “Obama in the long run will change things.” A year in I already feel he has missed those chances for change.  The Democrats controlled both the house and the senate and yet still couldn’t get a bill passed on healthcare?!? Not to mention that the bill that did pass through the house was such an abortion of compromise (that doesn’t say anything about abortion) that is it even a bill worth fighting for? From the get go Obama tried to win over Republicans and come together in a bill, the spirit of bipartisanship. Fuck bipartisanship! Did our last President care about bipartisanship? No. He did what he wanted or what he thought was right. He would ram bills through congress and he got shit done. Now finally someone in office is on my side and he doesn’t ram what he knows is right through a congress that his party controls? Doesn’t he know that the Republican game is to block everything and not let him get anything done?  To make him a lame duck – a task that just got easier with Ted Kennedy’s senate seat going to a Republican!?!

When Obama was elected I shed a tear. Not only did it mean so much for this nation to elect its first black President but he was my guy. For months I listened to him talked, got excited by the prospect of “change.” I knew he was the best man for the job. The best man.

About two years ago the primary fell on my good friend and Obama supporter Jason’s birthday. He asked all of us as a b-day gift to go out and vote for Obama. I told him I could not do that. I liked Obama but I believed that Hilary Clinton was the person for the job. She, to me, was the most qualified to be our next president. They scoffed at this as did many others. I said I felt she had one thing Obama didn’t – toughness. I believed then as I do now, she would ram that healthcare bill through the senate. She would not play these games with Republicans. Obama and Hilary had similar enough platforms but I got a true sense of take no shit from her. Always had, which is why I twice voted for her for senate. I supported her until the very end and then jumped to team Obama. (To be fair I did disagree with some of her campaign tactics…they were beneath her) I fear my reasons for supporting her over Obama might be coming true.

Bill Maher has said:

“Obama could use a little George Bush in him.”

 I fear if Obama doesn’t take a page from Bush…this could be a frustrating three years.

Book of Lies

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am not on Facebook. I have many many reasons for this. Recently there have been a few events that I have heard about via my roommate or others that have been invites only through Facebook. Thus, I have not officially been invited. Now I know in reality I am invited and my reason for not going to these events have less to do with not getting an invite and more to do with not being able to or wanting to attend. I’m using Facebook as my excuse if you will. That said all these people could email, evite, call, text or tell me about these events in person. If I didn’t have people keeping me in the loop I wouldn’t know about these events anyway. My attitude is if you want me to come somewhere make sure you actually invite me. Some will argue I am going against the progression of society and should conform by being on Facebook – that I am demanding special treatment – but that is bull. If you want me there you will invite me. It takes less than a minute to email or call with the details.

But this got me thinking about more of the many many many things I hate about Facebook. This post will only focus on one for now…lying.  Facebook has taken away the ability to lie. Now you might think that’s a good thing. People shouldn’t lie to one another. We should be honest. Bullshit! We all lie and all need to lie to a point.

A lie is a lie is a lie is not always true. There are different levels of lies. Cheating on a spouse or lying to rip someone off of money, those are bad lies and should not be made. It’s wrong on a moral level because it is adultery or theft. But socially we have all sorts of lies. I remember once going out on a date. The girl asked if I had seen The Blair Witch Project. I said “no” and we went to see it. LIAR! I had seen The Blair Witch Project and she saw that movie (and later made out with me) under false pretenses. Was this a bad lie? I don’t think so. It certainly wasn’t adultery or theft or perjury or plagiarism. I find this sort of lie completely acceptable.

This brings me to the complicated lie of “the lie to spare ones feelings.” This is the lie that Facebook has taken away from us. Let me give you an example:

You have two friends who know each other socially and are supposedly friends. Friend A throws a party on Saturday night. On the evite you notice Friend B has not been invited. Upon questioning this Friend A says “I don’t want her there.” Inevitably because of the law of inconvenience, Friend B calls you and asks “What are you doing Saturday night?” Now you have two options. Option 1. you can tell her that you are going to a party and let her know Friend A didn’t want them there.  Or option 2. tell them you have other made up plans and can’t see them. Basically you lie. This lie will make Friend B not know that Friend A hates them and more importantly it will not out Friend A. Granted you can argue Friend B should know the truth about Friend A’s feelings but this will hurt feelings and cause an uncomfortable situation the next time they see each other socially. Besides, who’s ever going to tell her about the party?

Fucking Facebook that’s who!

The day after the party there will be photos and comments all over this fucking site and now both you and Friend A have to deal with the wrath of Friend B. Because of Facebook you can never have a small gathering. If I want to invite a few friends out for a small event, well a few more friends will find out via Facebook and get offended. You can’t hang out with everyone all the time and because of Facebook people either think they can or should always be included. This is one reason why I’m not on it. I don’t want people to know who I invited to what and why. If I were on Facebook I would end up hurting too many people’s feelings unintentionally.  

Upon reading this I realize it sounds horrible. I am condoning lying to friends – people who in theory you love. The problem for me is that I’m rarely Friend A. I invite everyone to almost everything unless it’s a small event and someone already going hates someone else. I’m always the person caught between Friend A and Friend B and thus I’m always getting yelled at. If I tell them the truth I get yelled at. If I’m caught in a lie because of Facebook (which I’m not even on) I get yelled at. I can’t win which is why I’m both condoning lying and spewing hate about the sacred book of face.

Lying. Reason #127 why I hate Facebook.

Bluffin’ With My Muffin

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It’s time for me to come out of the closet.

After months of denial I’ve come to an unavoidable conclusion … I am a Lady Gaga fan.  Whenever she came up in conversation I would say things like “Oh I don’t mind her” or “Poker Face is pretty catchy.” I realized I was a fan when I was home on Long Island. It seemed every time I turned the radio on “Bad Romance” played. It got to the point I looked forward to hearing it. It was at that point I had to admit…I was a fan.

Now I don’t know if this is even something that needs defending. I thought of calling this post “In Defense of Lady Gaga” but she is insanely popular so does she need defending or is it only amongst my social circle or is it only my self- consciousness that makes me feel I need to defend my feelings  on someone who’s sample lyrics are:

“Let’s have some fun this beat is sick/I want to take a ride on your disco stick”

First we must start with my taste/feelings about music in general. For me this is an art form that pales in comparison to my love of film. Music for me is like when I look at a painting. I don’t always understand why I like it or how it’s done but I can acknowledge greatness in the art and also feel a clear emotion. I can break down why a Kubrick film is great but not why a Pollock painting is. Same thing with music. I understand why The Beatles are great, I feel something when I hear their music, it sounds like genius but don’t ask me to tell you why. On a pure technical level I can’t explain why the music is great, I just know it is. I can say something maybe about a lyric or a voice but I can’t really pick out guitar riffs or what have you. I will never be a musician and never understand how to play an instrument.  

My personal listening tastes are varied and easily influenced. Many songs I love or bands I’ve discovered came from films or mix tapes ex-girlfriends gave me. I knew The Pixies before Fight Club but didn’t throw myself into listening to them until after hearing “Where is my Mind?” over the end credits. I discovered The White Stripes while having sex with my girlfriend at the time. She was playing one of their albums while we were, you know, and when we were done I needed to know what I had been listening to. Both these bands are now two of my all-time favorites. Naturally I also love the music I grew up hearing on the radio. Driving around with my Dad I heard and loved countless Rolling Stones and Beatles tunes.  Being from Long Island I was also by law required to love Billy Joel. Meanwhile in middle school I was discovering Nirvana which eventually turned into a love of The Foo Fighters and The Smashing Pumpkins. In high school, again through a girl, I discovered the man who would be (and still is) my go to answer for favorite musician – Beck. I think I was drawn in by his strange sound (which again I can’t explain how it’s produced or why his music is a lesser artist’s nonsense) and even stranger lyrics. I was hooked the moment I heard the line:

Like a giant dildo crushing the sun”

Beck was the first concert I ever went to and still the best. Not because he was the first but because the man can put on a fucking show.

Now here comes a musical moment in my life that we can pseudo-sexually psycho analyze in the comments section. I was driving in my car and I heard a song by this band called Garbage. The song was called “I’m Only Happy When It Rains” and I immediately responded to it. The singer’s voice was simultaneously both strong and vulnerable. A few days later I was flipping channels and stopped on MTV. They were playing the music video and there was Shirley Manson singing. To this day I never remembered being so turned on by a “celebrity.” To me she was the definition of sexy coming off very complex and talented along with physical attributes to boot. Immediately I bought their album based off one song but mostly from her sex appeal. I have bought every album of theirs since. To this day I will be the first to admit I will listen to a song just because I saw a pretty picture of a singer and wanted to hear what her voice was like. This is why I listen to Lilly Allen as well. At first I said “Oh she’s super cute, British and drunk…wonder what her songs are like.” I was pleasantly surprised to find they were charming and often funny little pop songs. Even Regina Spektor who is beyond brilliant, I read an interview with her and said “This woman is cute and interesting cause she wrote a song about a lost wallet. Let me give her a try.” Quickly she became one of my absolute favorite musicians. Again with all these women (and I’ll throw Karen O and Jenny Lewis into the mix) it helps that I find a sexiness to their voices…even when a song is decidedly not sexy.

Which brings me to another point and if I can quote Jerry Seinfeld:

“I can’t watch a man sing a song. They get all emotional , they sway. It’s embarrassing.”

I kind of feel this way with most music. I used to claim I wasn’t a big singer songwriter guy but certain female artists changed that feeling for me. 90% of the men…I can give a shit about mostly because of that above quote. John Mayer might be a great guitar player but his songs (that I know, which admittedly are few) are annoying and shitty to me. I don’t want my men to sing, I want my men to rock out. I want them to put on a show not just stand there with a guitar. I want Mick Jagger and I want Bruce Springsteen.  This might be hypocritical because there are whole Beck albums I love which are very low key and stripped down but I love them because in my own mind he is already established as a genius. I’m not saying it’s fair but again this all has to do with feeling, nothing technical. (For someone arguing against me on this, I now know how you must feel when I yell in shock that you don’t like a Coen brothers film.)

This brings me to another point. Put on a show. Unless you are such a genius I need a real show to get hooked. If The Stones wanted to sit down Indian style on the stage for two hours and just sing and play their instruments they could get away with it because their music is established as amazing. A band like… I don’t even know who’s popular… Muse (?) can’t really get away with that. The thing is The Stones won’t ever just sit there, even in their elderly state. They will run around like mad men entertaining fans. That’s what I want from an artist, energy that is palpable. That will come through not just live but in your voice on a recording. I recently went to see They Might Be Giants and man did they put on a show. It was pure joy from a band that knows how to have fun. They will never be genius like The Beatles but they will always be great entertainers.

Now let me pick on Muse again. I have nothing against them. When I hear a song of theirs on the radio I don’t change the station. That said I’m not grabbed by them either. To me their sound isn’t unique like The White Stripes sound was. If I heard Muse on that girl’s CD player that night, it wouldn’t have broken my concentration from the intercourse we were having. But let’s talk about the showman factor I want from my music. On New Year’s Day in a haze I was watching a replay of the MTV Music Video Awards. Beyonce was performing. She fits into that category of I know she is extremely talent but she’s not my thing per say. (Unlike the before mentioned John Mayer who is so not my thing I question his talent) While performing “Single Ladies “she put on a fucking show! There were tons of dancers and she didn’t miss a beat both with her dancing and singing. High energy. Plus she was actually singing with her amazing voice (I’m looking at you Britney “lip synch” Spears. You represent what is generic about pop music unlike Miss Gaga who we have to get back to soon). After this crazy Beyonce performance who played? Muse. They stood there and played their instruments and sung their song and it was dull as fuck. Now the song wasn’t bad but why should I pay attention? It wasn’t half of what Beyonce just gave me. I know, different generas of music but so are Nine Inch Nails and Tom Jones – and both will give you a good show. They will leave it up there on the stage and on a CD that passion will come through too.

Over the past few years almost all new music I listen too is female driven. Again I think it’s some sexual thing but all of it I will say is awesome and for some reason easier to express my love for than their male counterparts. Maybe it’s that Seinfeld quote again. Music is very emotional and maybe I just enjoy the way a woman expresses that better. Maybe I’m more feminine that I think. Over the last year I keep finding myself coming back to Rilo Kiley, Regina Spektor and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. All are great and I listen to them as much as anything I’ve ever listened to. Which finally brings us back to Lady Gaga – someone who isn’t quite as rocking as Karen O or beautiful lyrically as Regina Spektor but someone nevertheless I have developed an affinity for.

When I got back to LA from my LI trip I went out and bought The Fame Monster which is an EP that comes with Gaga’s album The Fame. I figured I had to hear the rest of her songs before I could admit to being a fan. Beyond the ridiculously fun “even though they get stuck in your head for days” songs like “Poker Face” and “Just Dance” I was further impressed with songs that seemed to have other layers of meaning to them like “Paparazzi” or were truly emotional and soul bearing like “Speechless.” Beyond that almost every song (like “Telephone” with Beyonce) is just a good time and what’s wrong with that. Lady Gaga is pop music of today at its highest level. I’m sure if Madonna were starting out now – this is what she’d be doing.

Gaga also fits other criteria for me. She puts on a show everywhere she goes. Even though she is not “rock n’ roll” her behavior makes her more “rock n’ roll” than most of these so called pussy sissy Mary baby “rock bands” of right now. Even if the crazy outfits are all an act and not her true persona (which for the record I believe the answer falls somewhere in between) it’s still fun, original and a little crazy. She is pop performance art, again elevating her above the Britney’s that used to dominate the charts. Even if you think she’s not achieving what she’s trying to with her over-the-top outfits at least she’s trying to achieve something.

And I must admit I do find something sexy about her (and not just because she rarely wears pants). Performing she comes off dirty, crazy and fun – the kind of girl you can have a great time with. Stripped down from her wacky clothing her face is slightly gawky in a very pretty way that is also attainable. Plus she can play the piano which to me is the sexiest of all instruments for a woman to play (Hello again Regina Spektor).

So there it is. I like Lady Gaga. This was my long winded/unnecessary defense of her that turned into a study of what the hell is up with the music I like and dislike.  There’s more to say and if I’m called on some hypocrisy I can defend it then. Admittedly I don’t really understand my taste in music. Do you?

Small Minded World Traveler

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I have little or no desire to see the world. Scratch that – I have a desire to see certain parts of the world but not the world as a whole. I know people who want to see it all, from jungles in South America to deserts in northern Africa. Neither of those are for me.

Before you look at me and say how small minded or un-adventurous that is, hear me out. Admittedly I do enjoy my creature comforts. I never have been one to enjoy camping for example. Sleeping on the hard, cold ground is not my idea of a good time. I would spend a long day out in nature only if it ended with a nice warm shower and a night spent in a comfy bed. Now I know Kenya has a Hilton I can stay in but the whole environment…I don’t think would suit me. I also am very picky with what I eat. I feel I would not get a meal I’d truly enjoy in India. Their food is disgusting and why would you ever eat it when you can have some chicken wings. So if I did visit India I would starve to death. That’s just science.

So we’ve established I’m a pussy sissy Mary baby who won’t try new foods and doesn’t want to trudge through a jungle but another reason I don’t want to visit Africa or especially the Middle East is because many countries within those regions are just awful.  I don’t just mean harsh or dangerous, I mean actually awful awful places. I have a policy that I will never set foot in a country that doesn’t let a woman drive a car. Or a country that still stones a woman because she slept with another man. Or a country who still allows a practice like female circumcision. Or a country that attempts to make homosexuality punishable by death. (I’m looking at you Uganda. Are you fucking kidding me?) Why should I go to a place that doesn’t practice the simplest of human rights? How can I contribute to their economy and feel good about myself? Sure not everyone one is like that in those places and someone in Taiwan can say about America “why would travel to a country that starts wars for no reason but oil and profit?” and they wouldn’t be wrong. I may have just written myself into a hypocritical problem here because every country has their racist asshole or black eye on the issue of human rights. I guess as long as you are trying to make things better? I’d be quicker to visit South Africa than Uganda because at least they ended apartheid. They made a stride to do something right.  My point is this, we are told to respect other cultures but how could I ever respect a culture that makes half their population sub-servant? I have no respect for your culture, your religion or your country if that is the case.

Okay, so this is a little small minded and possibly xenophobic. Nevertheless, it’s my policy and I’m sticking with it.

Where do I want to visit? Well, Europe comes to mind. Mostly Western Europe – France, Italy and England to be specific. I’ve always been a city mouse and I think I’d have fun exploring Rome, Paris and London. Japan seems interesting too. Ever since watching Lost in Translation I’ve romanticized the idea of Tokyo and ever since Babel I’ve romanticized the idea of falling for a cute, deaf, Japanese school girl. But most of all I want to visit Australia. It has been a dream of mine since I was a child obsessed with kangaroos and duck billed platypus.   

My great regret in life is that I haven’t yet gone down under. I constantly claim I’m going to make that trip and then something happens – a script, college, a woman, my passport expiring (I really should have remembered to renew that thing). If I were smart I’d post this blog and immediately book a flight. I won’t wait for any friends, I’d just go. Who cares that I don’t have the money…the experience will be worth it!

But maybe I should wait at least until I finish this new spec script we’re working on. Yeah…I’ll do that. Then Australia for sure.


I’m With Coco!

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  I’ve been slightly remiss in writing a blog the past week. First off I got sick and didn’t really feel like writing anything. Then I had a weekend of birthday parties, S&M clubs and movies. (FYI:  go see Crazy Heart. Jeff Bridges is pretty terrific) But the thing that took up most of my time even while doing these activities was my droning on and on about Conan O’Brien.

I’ve never protested. I’ve never gone to any sort of a rally even when it was an issue I believed in. I’m privately vocal politically but not very publicly vocal politically. I supported Obama but turned down many invites to go to a rally (to be fair I was a Hilary supporter first and do think she would have made the better President…but I digress). I was very much against Prop 8 and would honk my horn as I drove past protests, sign up on petitions and urge all my friends to vote “no” – but I never went to a rally or held a sign on a street corner for this very important cause. It just, quite frankly, seemed dull and annoying. Yes I know this makes me part of the problem. I’m the liberal who watches Olbermann every night and says we should march in the streets for healthcare…but never does. And if I were going to march in the streets for healthcare it wouldn’t be during the worst rain I’ve seen since moving to LA.

That’s what makes the first rally of any sort that I’ve ever participated in so perplexing. On Martin Luther King Day, a day in honor of a man who marched for equal rights, I marched for Conan O’Brien.

I was at the “I’m with Coco” rally here in Los Angeles outside Gate 2 of Universal Studios. It was pouring out and yet so many people showed up. My friend Amy and I got down to the rally at 11:30 and it was already in full swing. People held signs in support of Coco. Car honked in support as they sped by, splashing us with water. We chanted things like “Leno sucks,” “1,2,3,4 Zucker is a corporate whore,” and of course our heroes’ name over and over again. Someone came dressed as the masturbating bear. L a bamba drove by in a “pope mobile.” For 3 ½ hours we stood in support of a man who was given the shaft unfairly. A man we had never met but had given us hundreds of hours of joy. A man who we already knew would not get to keep The Tonight Show no matter what we did – but we did it anyway.  

As the sky parted, Conan came out. Immediately he was mobbed by a sea of people, flooding into the street, stopping traffic. There was no order here. He ran down the street as the people chased him, screaming, like a scene from A Hard Day’s Night. He led us all to the studios gate where his staff handed out pizza to the crowed. Then from the top of a building, looking down on us, the “I’m with Coco” banner was unraveled. Standing behind it was Andy Richter; followed by Max Weinberg and finally Conan who did his famous string dance for the crowd. Andy spoke and thanked us briefly and then everyone left the rooftop. I and the rest of the crowed wouldn’t leave. Instead we all began singing “All we are saying, is give Conan a chance.”

So maybe it wasn’t the most noble rally to go to (and suffer at) for my first…but it was fun.  A lot of fun. And I did get to see a man I do admire in person. Sure I admire him because he created characters like a Horney Manatee, but it’s all relative.  Conan is an entertainer I watched grow from the beginning and in a way I grew with him. By middle school, when Conan got his show, I knew who Letterman was and Leno were but I got to see Conan become Conan.

This rally might have seemed silly but really it wasn’t. Amy and I discussed this before and realized that it was for anyone who has been unfairly fucked over at their job. Anyone who wasn’t given a fair chance. This was about sending a message to over reactionary Hollywood types. Or maybe it was just about me wanting to watch a bear masturbate on network tv.

Either way…well worth it.

The Late Shift…Take 2

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Okay, I really feel the need to weigh in on this Tonight Show situation. Right off the bat let me say I am a huge Conan O’Brien fan. I have often said he is the funniest man on television. His sense of humor is just offbeat enough without being alienating and he has the ability to make even the dullest interview fun. He also engages in a lot of self deprecating humor which I can relate to. When I heard he was going to be the Tonight Show host all the way back in 2004 I was very excited, now he would be on earlier with the biggest stage in late night.

Then a funny thing happened.  Jay Leno, who had agreed to retire, decided he didn’t want to. It was another case of someone having second thoughts and not knowing when to go out on top (athletes like Brett Favre do it all the time and fuck up both teams and teammates plans). Was Leno still a viable commodity? I guess, but the decision had been made and now you have to live with it. Then NBC decided they can have both (and save a ton of cash in the process) by putting Jay on at 10pm. I naively thought this would actually work out. I thought people would tune into Jay as they came in at night or fell asleep instead of watching the scripted shows they would just DVR. What I didn’t realize was that the show would suck. I was never a Leno fan but I was also never a Leno hater. He was (and I guess is) a simple seemingly nice guy who knew how to deliver a monologue and make guests feel comfortable. Nothing ground breaking but affective.  Somehow his new show misses the mark completely. The format is awkward and everyone just seems out of place. I can’t really explain why it’s that way but it is.

But this you already know.

Now NBC is panicky that The Tonight Show ratings are down and that Jay is struggling so in their infinite wisdom they want to move Jay to 11:35 for a half hour, push The Tonight Show to 12:05 (technically making it the tomorrow show) and move poor Jimmy Fallon to 1:05. This is yet another case of a network (or studio, sports team, political group) panicking for no reason. Wow…The Tonight Show is underperforming? Why wouldn’t it? First off its lead in (the local news) is down 30% because of Jay. Why would you punish Conan instead of Jay – Jay is why ratings are down. Also all of these hosts started off slow and eventually built an audience. Conan has only been at it since June, give the man a chance. Why then did you give him this job? Letterman having an affair plus a public feud with Sarah Palin I’m sure hurt Conan too. The point is that he’s doing a good job and the ratings are down from Jay but not in the toilet. NBC knew they were getting a hipper guy who appeals to a different audience to host the show… so what did you expect?

I have a big problem with Jay getting to go back to 11:35. First of all it’s rewarding bad behavior and even worse ratings. If you make a deal stick with it…The Jay Leno Show didn’t work…oh well so long Jay. His reputation I believe will be forever hurt if he gets a new late night show either on NBC or another network, he just looks like a big baby who wants what he wants and doesn’t care about anyone else. As Jarrod, my roommate, said “Wouldn’t he be embarrassed doing that?” And what if the ratings still stay in the toilet? Do they get rid of Jay or reward him again by giving him back is precious Tonight Show?

There is another possibility, one I hope Conan takes. Walk. Tell NBC to fuck off and let you out of your contract. These people have fucked you over big time.  From the NY Post as read on

“This level of sh- – -iness was not expected,” one source said. “He’s done a great job for NBC. He moved his entire staff, he moved his family to LA. And five months later, they repay him like this?” Conan, an insider said, “may not be operating on [NBC’s] timetable [to shift the shows after the Olympics]. He’s not going to be stampeded. This came out of the blue, and it will take him a while to figure out what’s best for him.” O’Brien rep Leslee Dart last night said only that “Conan has made no decisions yet.”

Move to Fox. I know they have never done well in late night and they are fucking Fox but they have never had an already established late night host like Conan. You would get a half hour jump on the competition but most importantly you wouldn’t have to deal with NBC – the company that clearly doesn’t care about you.

On the plus side this has made for some great episodes of The Tonight Show. Did anyone catch Conan’s monologue last night (1/11/10)? It was one of his best. I’m sure you can find it on Sample joke:

“I’m Conan O’Brien, the new host of Last Call with Carson Daly.”

Jay made some jokes last night too but his just felt like going through the motions. Conan’s actually felt like they came from an honest place of frustration and anger. That’s why they were actually funny.

Yet another reason why Conan is the funniest man on television.

UPDATE: Good for Conan!