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“The Boss”

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  Every sports fan of every sports team would want George Steinbrenner to own their franchise. That’s because he only cared about one thing – winning. Everything he did was towards the goal of bringing New York as many championships as possible. Sometime his moves were right on, often they were misguided, but always it was about winning. George Steinbrenner died today at 80 years old. I don’t know what more I can add that hasn’t been reported on news outlets, ESPN and the New York Daily News, so I will be brief in my thoughts.

Yankee fans will always love him for restoring the franchise to its former greatness. Baseball fans will always look at him as a polarizing figure that gobbled up all the big free agents, fired managers for no reason and some would say represented what was wrong with baseball. But Steinbrenner was good for baseball. He revolutionized the way baseball handled its regionalized television networks with YES. He always played by the rules and bought those free agents with money made off the team. Unlike too many small market owners in baseball he invested back into the Yankees. Often he had to pay a high luxury tax to smaller teams who in turn didn’t seem to put that tax money on the field. He bought the Yankees for 10 million and turned it into an empire worth billions – easily one of the great investments of all time. He knew how to run a successful franchise, something these other owners could use a lesson in.

For my birthday I was given Bill Madden’s new biography of Steinbrenner called Steinbrenner: The Last Lion of Baseball.  I only started it this week. Reading it now will have a layer of sadness to it. There will never be another owner who can capture the imagination of sports fans like George Steinbrenner.


“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, welcome…to Yankee Stadium”

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  If there is a God, his voice would have to sound like Bob Sheppard. It was articulate, concise, formal and legendary. As it boomed over the PA at Yankees Stadium it felt like it was coming down from heaven. It captured the attention of 56,000 fans as if it was the most important message in the world – when in reality all it was saying was “number two, Derek Jeter, number two…”

Bob Sheppard died yesterday at the age of 99. He was the Yankee PA announcer for 57 years and even was given a plaque in Yankees Monument Park along side legends like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. That’s how important he was to the history of the New York Yankees and New York sports in general. How many PA announcers are known by name? He was a voice of respect in times of crisis, be it to calm unruly fans or inform us to offer a moment of silence after the loss of an ex-player, beloved entertainment icon or even a President.  

In his first game he announced a lineup that included Joe DiMaggio. That’s how long he did his job. In September 2007 he had to step down due to a bronchial infection but in every fans heart we believed he would return, especially in 2009 for the opening of the new stadium. Alas it was not to be. That said his spirit, his voice, carried over to the new stadium in all the fans hearts and minds. No matter who is the PA announcer in the years to come, in every fans head before a game begins we will hear the voice of God saying: “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, welcome…to Yankee Stadium.”

Love: Internet Style

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So I’ve gotten back into the world of online dating after a two year hiatus. It’s become almost impossible to meet people in reality and for the last few years that’s what I’ve been trying. Not that I haven’t met or dated some wonderful people but they are few and far between. Today if you want to meet someone you need to sign up for an online dating site because that’s where people met. No woman wants to be bothered in reality and why would she when even a half way attractive girl must get hundreds of messages.  Granted as a friend pointed out many of those are from creeps with a foot fetish but still, there are opportunities out there for women.

First of all this time I’m on ok cupid as opposed to match. I had some success with match. I went on a lot of dates but few that stuck. I went on four dates with a really cute really funny comedian who then just disappeared on me as women often do (she felt bad about this and did give me a Watchmen t-shirt as a parting gift but I still would have rather fondled her breasts). I also dated this really nice Jewish girl for a few months because you know I’m all about the Semitic good looks. It was one of those I really like you and the sex is great but it’s not going to work relationships. You know them and have been in them before – there is just something that isn’t quite compatible in your conversation or what you’re looking for in life. She had a steady high paying job and I live the bohemian lifestyle. I think she realized my heart wasn’t in it and preemptively ended it rather than just let it fizzle out. But I didn’t begrudge match…I just knew that I didn’t want to pay again for online dating. And ok cupid is not only free but the women are better. They seem more artsy/creative. They also seem more interesting in what they write on their profiles and even more sexual with how they answer questions.

That said I find for every ten women I message I get one response back. A first I thought it was because of what I wrote or what my profile says or my face. But that’s just me being me. What I think it really is is that A. I’m not for everyone and 2. Women don’t have to worry about not getting dates like I do. This is why a message a man sends might come of desperate, trying too hard. We need the date. The woman on the other hand can respond to any of these messages she gets and the men will take them out 1, 2, 3. I know a girl who basically uses the site to get a free dinner and maybe if the guy is cool something will happen. Mostly it’s the free dinner. Men don’t get messaged as much, however I have been winked at or messaged more on this site in a few weeks than I ever was on match, again leading me to believe these women are cooler than the match women. That said half of these are old women. They are I believe the term is “cougars.” And these aren’t Courtney Cox Cougar Town type cougars who I would at least consider sleeping with – these are gray haired, over weight, late 40’s early 50 year olds who I imagine have hysterectomy scars. Look, they need love too… just not from me.

Another thing that is funny is that the same people who always tell me about love, “Don’t look for it, it will find you” are same people who told me to sign up for this site. Fuck you! Don’t you realize that when you are on a site you are actively looking for love? Yes I know that people claim things happen when you least expect it but I’m sorry I’ve never bought that. You have to go out and search for things, fight for things, even love. The problem with love is that if you are searching too hard you look desperate and that is a turn off – but the point still holds true. If I stayed in or never left my inner circle of friends how could I ever meet anyone new? Love wouldn’t just find me. I have to go up to that girl at a party and talk to her or in the online dating terms “wink” at her. (By the by, I would never “wink” at someone on ok cupid. It’s a pussy move that accomplishes nothing. Just send a message and hope for the best.)

So, I’ll keep you in the loop if something crazy or awful happens or even if I find true love. It will be an adventure. A great big horrible adventure.

Where Have You Gone Courtney Love?

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 I was watching a great Behind the Music this morning (on a lazy post 4th where I realized I had to get back to blogging). You remember Behind the Music, a show that at one time everyone would watch. Well, it’s back…or still on…I’m not sure. Point is it was two hours on Courtney Love. Courtney Love was one of the greatest female rock stars of all time and the first three Hole albums are fucking awesome. She lived a very “rock n’ roll” life filled with drugs, crazy performances and a marriage to Kurt Cobain – maybe the greatest rock/grunge star of my era. Watching the show I realized that it’s amazing that Courtney is as well adjusted as she is (yeah…I know) considering the acid she was given as a child and all the abandonment form her parents. I understand why she is the way she is. However watching her stage dive in her babydoll dresses  and seeing interviews behind the stage at the MTV Video Awards with her and Kurt Cobain made me think more about the rock star and how we don’t have people like her or Kurt or Trent Reznor, Scott Weiland or any of the people from the 90’s anymore.

There is a song that comes on the radio all the time. The lyrics go something like this:

“Falling falling falling”

I don’t know who sings it; I just know I hate it. Jarrod however, really hates it.  Like he wants it to stop forever. To him it epitomizes all that is shitty with music. Now I am not going to go on about how there is no good music today because there is. Sometimes you have to look really hard to find it. Sometimes it’s just not in the rock genre. But the rock genre does lack something – passion. When I was watching Hole perform in these old clips, as Courtney Love snarls lyrics like:

“I am the one you want, can’t look you in the eye”

There is a passion, anger behind it. This is a woman hurt, wounded like the rest of us by life. She has turned that pain into art and we love her for it. When Kurt Cobain would scream “Rape me” there was real angst behind it. You felt something. Now let’s look at a rock band of today called Kings of Leon. When they sings something like “Use somebody” in theory that is a sentiment that can have angst or real meaning behind it. That is an idea that can have passion. But I don’t believe it like I believe the pain in Kurt or Eddie Vedder or Billy Corgan. Is it because I first heard them when I was a teen? Maybe but I don’t think teens today are moved by the music of say Muse like they were by Nirvana. And if the lead singer of Muse killed himself I don’t think teachers the next day would talk to their students about it to make sure we were all ok. I remember a teacher talking to us, concerned about how we felt after Kurt died. Is there anyone who would cause this reaction today? Sure if Miley Cyrus shot herself I’m sure there would be a grief counselor to chat with female tweens but she isn’t about angst, meaning or passion. She is sunshine and bubble gum and that’s fine but rock music is about lashing out, alienation, defiance and so on. When Kurt sang something like “Rape Me” you understood it, felt it and maybe were a little disgusted by it. You were put in his place mentally because of how passionate it was. “Falling falling” just doesn’t have the same passion. And again who sings that fucking song? And if you know the band do you really know who the lead singer is? We don’t know rock front men like we used to.

Somewhere along the way the rock stars burned out and the new bad boys became hip hop and rap stars. I don’t begrudge them or their genre of music. In fact good for them. But why can’t the rock stars catch up again? The 90’s chewed up and spit out many of these rock icons. They peeked. Was it drugs? Probably. Am I saying we need more rock stars on drugs? Maybe. Everyone peeks. The Stones still rock but their best work is far behind. I guess the same goes for Courtney Love. There is a reason I didn’t buy the newest Hole or Smashing Pumpkins albums and these were bands I loved as a teen. In the last decade the only male driven musician I got really into was Jack White probably because he had a different sound and was embraced by the stars of my generation and the generation before (see Jimmy Page). The women are the real rock stars of today. When I watch a Karen O on stage I see a real rock star. Rilo Kiley does the Fleetwood Mac thing perfectly and a song like “Does He Love You?” puts you in her headspace and makes you understand what she’s going through more than any “rock” song on the radio. Amy Winehouse is another great example. Granted she’s not really rock rock but neither is the best example of rock star behavior today – Lady Gaga.  Yes, maybe I drink too much of the Gaga Kool-Aid but with good reason. She is a pop star who much like Madonna did, acts like a rock star. She puts on a crazy stage show, keeps her name in the papers for reasons that don’t over take her talent and she sings with passion. When she sings a song like “Just Dance” yes, it’s a silly pop song about being drunk in a club and not giving a shit but it’s made from a real place and puts you in that club. You feel like you have been dancing and drinking all night and are a complete mess but don’t give a fucking shit. What’s more rock than that? And even though I guess she’s pop, she’s clearly more rock than her pop contemporaries, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and (yuck) Britney Spears.  I think this is why she has been embraced by the other generations of pop/rock stars like Madonna, Elton John and Marilyn Manson.

Why has this past decade produced calm rock stars? Rock stars have always pushed boundaries until now. Elvis shaking his hips. Jimmi Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire. Ozzy biting the head of a bat or bird or whatever. What happened? When and why did this turn?

All over the Courtney Love Behind the Music I saw two friendly familiar faces: Kurt Loder and Tabitha Soren. MTV is what I really miss. Kurt Loder was shown breaking in talking about Cobain’s death. Tabitha was shown interviewing Courtney asking real questions about her mental wellbeing. What happened MTV? Is it because rock music sucks or are you part of the problem? You would show a mix back in the day. I remember seeing Guns and Roses videos after Run DMC videos after Michael Jackson videos. Not only were they all great but the videos were too. They were events. Has anyone even seen the video for that “falling” song? No but I bet you saw the video for “Bad Romance.” If not that I’m sure you can recall a Kanye video or something with Justin Timberlake. Rock music is not “dead” but it’s an endangered spices. We need to produce new rock stars and fast! I thought with the world being the way it is and after the last administration we would have gotten some real passionate music like we did in the 60’s during Vietnam, the late 70’s punk after Nixon/pre Reagan or the 90’s with grunge post 80’s materialism. Instead grunge lead to new metal like Limp Bizket and a lame sound like “falling.” (Please…do you know the fucking song I’m talking about?  It’s on car commercials and shit! Who sings it!!!???)We live in an angsty time and yet all we want is distractions and escapism. Instead of looking at ourselves like the films and music of the late 60’s forced us to – we prefer escapist songs and movies. I get why but what does it say about our culture and society? Are we destined to be remembered as an era that just stuck our heads in the sand? That’s us – the ostrich generation.